Do you want a quality artisan coffee for your business?

Send us an email if you want your coffee business to stand out and be an authentic experience for your customers.

BUT first, you need to know something very important, which is that our coffee is 100% artisan. You may wonder, what do we mean by artisan? Well, besides not being industrial production, it is made in a traditional way. We roast, package and seal everything by hand (yes, we do it ourselves).

Another important fact, if not the most, is that our coffee is NEVER roasted with sugar (this is called torrefacto). Don’t drink it if someone offers it to you. It’s a piece of advice we give you with love.

And what’s so special about all this we’re telling you?

It’s very simple. The coffee we deliver to your business will never be roasted for more than 2 weeks, which by the way, is the optimal time to bring out the best qualities of the coffee. It can’t get fresher than that.

Today we offer you our Colombia Nohora Supremo, Our EVA Colombia Organic, and our Colombia Decaf (we suggest all of them) for your business.

So, now you can send us that email.

I want your coffee

“Few products build loyalty as much as a good coffee”