We also sell the best varieties of coffee from coffee producing countries in the world. At least we have 10 types, including Blue Mountan from Jamaica, Kenya, Yemen, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico Brazil, etc ... depending on the quality and what you have at the moment in the market and we like it.

The best coffee

At Café Andino, we only import origin and high-quality coffee, we specialize in gourmet coffees since the beginning of our activity.
We could say that 90% of the coffee we sell is from Colombia, grown in the region of Huila and Popayan in southern Colombia.
Supreme in Normal.
Organic coffee.
Decaffeinated coffee.

Coffee Varieties

We do not sell sturdy coffees roasted with natural or much less roasted (low quality coffees toasted with sugar candy to make the coffee darker and disfrace the flavor, with the color and obtain more yield in cups per kilo, as many people Thinks that it is a good coffee very mistakenly.That is the tendency to get more benefit for the worse quality, and still seen in many bars and cafes.
We are specialists in cafes of Arabic origin, cultivated in height with warm and humid temperatures being selected by hand, washed before drying, which gives us high quality coffees without fermentation and a lower amount of caffeine, higher acidity, aroma And taste.
It has been a labor of years and quite difficult to teach people that there is another way to have a good coffee, which fortunately we started to see places like ours where we care in each of the processes involved, the quality and origin of Coffee , The machinery for its elaboration where many factors like the treatment of the water (of high alkalinity) and that deteriorate the quality of the coffee, and the machines take part, reason why we have special filters to avoid these problems, besides having the best Machinery (toasters, coffee machines and mills) for processing in Germany and Italy.
This way we bring the best quality to the customer both served in cup and in the sale in bulk.

We like our work ...

The best coffee: we do it ourselves.

Coffee bean in state
wild. Colombia.