Cafetería Andino
Colombia Supremo - Selección Gourmet
Café 100% natural.

Where we are

We are located on the Costa del Sol, home to international tourism and in the heart of the province of Malaga, in the town of Fuengirola offering one of the best coffees in Malaga. Café de Colombia, with a rigorous quality control, roasted and elaborated by us for you.
In 1988, finding myself studying and working in England, I came to visit my mother, who lived between Spain and Colombia and who at that time, had moved from Zaragoza to Malaga, since it seemed to Andalusia very beautiful and with better weather Than in the North. She was a descendant of Vascos who had emigrated to Colombia in the 1940s. She grew up and married there, and after 17 years she decided to come to live in Spain, but she did not like the northern climate, so she opted for Málaga. In one of these trips that
We did to visit her I met my older brother she. When passing through the towns of the Costa del Sol, I really liked Fuengirola. We decided to take a
Coffee and she told us that in the bars you could not, that
There was no good coffee. Thus, we were in 3 or 4 places and none convinced us being the coffee that most missed Colombia.

Our history

So my brother told me: "Hey Nohora, do not you think if we set up a coffee shop in this nice little village, it would be a great idea?
So here we are, with an experience of 28 years and an excellent coffee that will make when you taste it is always decided by CAFE ANDINO ... thank you for your fidelity.
Our roasting procedure makes our coffee special in addition to 100% organic.
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Cafetería Andino
Colombia Supremo - Selección Gourmet
Café 100% natural.